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 Miaoli County Police Station has 23 staff units, including 13 sections, 3 offices, 5 brigades and corps, and 2 centers. The 13 sections are the Administrative Section, Public Order Section, Training Section, Prevention and Control Section, Foreign Affairs Section, Logistics Section, Forensic Science Section, Secretariat, Internal Affairs Section, Public Security Section, Information Management Section, Public Relations Section, Legal Affairs Section. The 3 offices are the Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting Office and Personnel Office. The 5 brigades and corps are the Criminal Investigation Corps, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade, Traffic Police Brigade, Special Police Brigade, and Women and Children Protection Brigade. The 2 centers are the Civil Defense Operations Center and Command and Control Center.

 External units include 5 precincts, 65 police substations, 476 police beats and 51 investigator subsections. The 5 precincts are the Dahu Precinct, Tongsiao Precinct, Toufen Precinct, Chunan Precinct and Miaoli Precinct.



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