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 The police system in Taiwan was almost complete during the Japanese rule. However, concerning the history of Miaoli Police Department, we have to start from the time when the Japanese occupied Taiwan.  


 In 1895,the Ching Government signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which ceded Taiwan to Japan. Since then, the Japanese government paid much emphasis on Taiwan’s police administration, regarding it as the foundation of internal affairs. In other words, they regarded police as the tool for governing Taiwan. In the early times of Japanese rule, the Governor’s Office did not demarcate local administrative zones accurately; therefore, the administrative organizations changed from time to time. It was not until 1920,that the first civilian official, Governor Den Kenjirō, was appointed Governor of Taiwan and the Taiwan administration system changed from 12 districts into 5 prefectures and 2 districts in order to implement local autonomy. Once the police administration was separated from civil administration, the authority of the prefecture magistrate wan expanded; however, the magistrate had to obey to the Governor’s order.

Police Section, Miaoli County Office

In 1926,the administration system was changed from 5 districts and 2 prefectures into 5 districts and 3 prefectures. Since that time, the political system had stablized. Concerning the organizations of the police, the Central Police Department was headed by the Governor’s Office directly, for example, the Police Department. Meanwhile, the police administrations in the districts and prefectures were called local police divisions. Back then, Miaoli was under the administration of Hsinchu Prefecture; therefore, it was patrolled by a local police division. Police administrations in prefectures were called as police administrative divisions. At the county level, there was police district office. Therefore, there were Miaoli Police District Office, Chunan Police District Office, and Tahu Police District Office of Hsinchu Prefecture.


 In the early Taiwan Restitution Period,in order to take over the administrative affairs rapidly, the Nationalist Government established Taiwan Administrative Office (the highest administrative institutions of Taiwan). In December 11, 1945 and February 14, 1946 "Regulations for the Organization of the Provincial" and "County Government and the Regulations for the Organization of County Police Offices in the Province of Taiwan" were made respectively, reforming the administrative system of 5 districts and 3 prefectures into 8 counties: Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Hsinchu、Kaohsiung,、Hualian, Taitung, Ponghu. And Miaoli area was affiliated with Hsinchu County (Police State at county level). In order to facilitate administration, the counties affiliated to districts were changed into district office, where local polices office were established. As Miaoli was affiliated to Hsinchu Prefecture, its police offices were renamed the Miaoli Police Office, Chunan Police Office, and Tahu Police Office of Hsinchu County. In addition, police sub-stations and sub-offices were renamed as sub-stations and precincts to balance the differences between cities and counties.


 In August 1949,local police institutions had undergone a series of reforms. All police offices were renamed as substations; therefore, Miaoli Police Office, Chunan Police Office, and Tahu Police Office of Hsinchu County were renamed as Miaoli Substation, Chunan Substation, Tahu Substation, etc of Hsinchu County Police Station.


 In 1950,the Taiwan Provincial Government (established in May 16, 1947 and Commissioner of Taiwan Administrative Office was abolished), in order to coordinate with local autonomy, administrative zones in all the counties and cities in Taiwan were re-adjusted. According to Article 7, “Regulations for the Implementations of Adjusting Administrative Zones of Counties and Cities in Taiwan”, the administrative zones of Taiwan were demarcated into 5 cities and 16 counties.Miaoli was separated from Hsinchu County, and the new county system was implemented. Miaoli Police Station took over the administration of the substations in Miaoli, Chunan, and Tahu. On October 25 in the same year, the Miaoli County Government was established, and the County Office was located in Miaoli Town (Miaoli City now). Meanwhile, the police organizations adjusted side by side with the administrative zone. Likewise, Miaoli County Police Station was established (located at the old address, Chung-Miao Gas Statuion, 136 Chungcheng Road of the Miaoli Police Office of Hsinchu Prefecture, Miaoli City now), and the Miaoli Police Station, Chunan Police Station, and Tahu Police Station were affiliated to it.


 In 1951, the organization of the Miaoli Police Station was readjusted slightly, and the Miaoli Substation was abolished, and was changed into direct precinct. In addition, the Tunghsiao Substation was established in 1953, with slight adjustment of the precinct. Due to necessity in operation, Miaoli, Gongguan, Touwu, Sanyi, and Tongluo were excluded, and the Miaoli Substation was founded.


Taian Substation after Refurbishment

 In 1955,in order to enhance garrison forces, Taian was excluded from the Tahu Police Station to form the Taian Substation. In 1965, for the needs of maintaining social order, the Taian Substation was abolished, and Toufeng, Sanwan, and Nanchuang were excluded from the Chunan Substation. As a result, the Toufeng Substation was established. Since then, the substations of Miaoli, Chunan, Tofeng, Tonghsiao, and Tahu have been affiliated to the Miaoli Police Station.


 In 1968,Mr. Chen Chu- chou considered social peace and order were getting more complicated because of economic and industrial growth, and as the number of police was increasing, he suggested moving to a new site to carry on with duties more efficiently. Supported by the county government and the assembly, they moved to a new building with the money earned by selling the old police quarters. In February of the same year, the foundation of the police station was laid. In April 3, the construction work began. On August 26, 1969, the building was completed, and began operationse at 2:00pm that same day. Mr. Lo Yang-bian, the Head of Police Department, Taiwan Provincial Government hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony, and Mr. Huang Wen-fa, the County Magistrate of Miaoli County attended the key turning ceremony.


 During the operation of the Miaoli Police Station, 28 Commissioners have worked here. They were Fan Chih-hsiang, Chen Sheng-te, Tsang Ke-shu, Liu Lin-hua, Chen Chu-chou, Chou Chih-kuang, Wang Yun-chang, Yen Yi-ching, Wang Bing-yu, Ma hsin-chang, Ku Hsing-yi, Tseng Chi-shui, Ku Shao-shi, Ting Yuan-chin, Cheng Jung-chin, Yuan Hsing-yi, Chen Sheng-hui, Feng Tong-sen, Chen Yi-feng, He Chun-chien, Li Wen-ming, Chung Kuo-wen, Chiu Ming-kuang, Tseng I-chiung, Wang Chia-heng, Chin Hao-ming, Lin Yen-tien and Lin, Kou-chin. Now, the Commissioner is Weng Chun-neng. With the morals of “honesty”, “ justice”, “professional”, “efficiency”and “concern”, our Commissioners forged a quality police team to demonstrate the “spirit of sunshine”, “consideratione”, “concern”, and “energy”. By establishing cooperation and partnership with all the institutions in the county government, all police would like to achieve the goals of giving “people” peace of mind, social security, and peaceful “life”. It is the policeman’s honor to give the best of care to all the people in Miaoli.

Front Door of Miaoli Police Station Now


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