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Whom To Look For When Domestic Violence Happens?
Pick up the phone and dial 110. Tell the police offi cer what happened, and remember to report your home address. When the police receive your call for help, they will immediately notify the nearest police dispatch station to your house, an...<More>
Auto Theft Prevention
Park in a well-lighted area   Close all windows, lock all doors   Activate any theft deterrent device you may have   Put packages or valuable out of sight: CB radios, tape and cassette decks and other expens...<More>
Safety Tips for Nightlife
Do not accept drinks from anyone if you did not see them prepared.   Do not leave your drink unattended for any period of time.   Always inform a family member of friend of your whereabouts.   When entering ...<More>
Cell Phone Theft Prevention
Always be aware of your surroundings. Thieves may be watching you.   Use your cell phone security lock.   Avoid becoming distracted by your cell phone conversation when walking on the street.   Keep your cel...<More>
Safety Tips for Foreigners in Taiwan
Avoid walking in desolate or dark alleyways where are more likely to hide potential danger.   Do not display money or other valuables in public or you might be the tempting targets for criminals.   Park your vehicle in...<More>
What is Human Trafficking?
To recruit, transact, take into bondage, transport, deliver, receive, harbor, hide, broker, or accommodate local or foreign person, by force, threat, intimidation, confinement, monitoring, drugs, hypnosis, fraud, purposeful concealment of i...<More>
How to report Human Trafficking
If you see a suspected human trafficking incident please report it immediately. Your action will expand the government’s effort to rescue.  Human Trafficking Hotline  110 / (02)2388-3095  <More>
How can we identify a Human Trafficking Victim?
Those who are under 18 years of age.  Have signs of violence or torture.  Identification or travel documents have been taken away.  Freedom is restricted, cannot leave at will or is always accompanied by others.  Una...<More>
Protection Arrangements for Human Trafficking Victims
Any human trafficking victim who is in need of protection and sheltering as assessed by the competent authority of municipality or county(city),shall be provided protection and sheltering by the competent authority thereof provide protectio...<More>
Punishment for Human Trafficking
The human trafficking offender according to the commit means shall be sentenced to an imprisonment over seven years, and may be fined up to NT$7 million.<More>